Sit-Stand desk modules from HAT Collective integrate quiet & eco-friendly synchronized electric motors to lift the worksurface and allow the user to adjust the height as needed. The system includes a programmable four-position LED handset with anti-collision safety sensor to prevent accidents. The exclusive folding HAT frame design allows for easy assembly, quickly fitting into any corner or rectangular station. Choose from different worksurface options and accessories available to customize your workstation, including:  monitor arms, storage, cable management, charging ports, anti-fatigue mats, dividers and lamps.

Industrial Workbenches

Height Adjustment Retrofits & Upgrades

Standing desk converters are placed on top of an existing desk and allows the employee to switch between sitting and standing while at work.  These systems integrate adjustable supports for up to three monitors and can be operated manually by pulling a lever or automatically with push button.

Heavy duty, industrial-grade workbenches that can be adapted to a variety of industrial environments including lab, cleanroom and anti-static. Powdered coated Steel and/or Stainless-steel bases offer a robust structure to support heavy equipment, instruments, etc. Worksurface options include standard laminate, ESD laminate, cleanroom laminate, stainless steel, epoxy, phenolic resin and maple wood. Equip your workbench with drawers, footrests and vertical upright structures to accommodate lamp fixtures, shelves, bin rails, electrical outlets and more.

Electric motor-driven height adjustable table bases for office and light task applications that can be used to retrofit your current desk to be able alternate between sitting and standing at work. Use your current top, eliminate legs and other components, and replace with HAT base. Customize with ergonomic accessories.

Office Sit-Stand Desk Modules

Workbenches with height adjustment systems (hydraulic and/or spindle lift) help position the worksurface to the adequate height for sitting and/or standing operations through manipulation of a hand crank or push button. Different stroke ranges and weight capacities available. These tables can be adapted to a variety of environments, including lab, cleanroom and anti-static.


Hydraulic table lift systems for industrial applications consisting of 4 cylinders and a pump that is driven with a hand crank or an electric motor. The cylinders are mounted to the table legs and extend/retract for height adjustment. There are different stroke ranges and weight capacities available.

Dimension 4 Workstations from IAC Industries are an excellent alternative for special assembly, repair, inspection, and lab processes in technical environments. The system is modular and easily expands to meet your growing needs, enabling you to reconfigure them at any time. D4 workstations are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum worker safety, improved efficiency, and greater productivity. Plus they are fully adjustable, providing you with the ability to customize your station with footrests, shelving, worksurface height adjustments and other components for personal comfort and efficiency.

Height Adjustable Industrial Workbenches

Modular Workstations for Technical Environments