Sometimes referred to as the "Manager's Chair", our executive seating line integrates high backrests, enhanced ergonomic supports and offer choices of premium upholstery and finishes for greater comfort and elegant appearance.

Office & Task

Backless stools featuring the same proven ergonomic performance and reliability as our industrial chairs and are available for a wide range of work environments.  Choose from upholstered or self-skinned urethane seats.

Maximum strength, well-built chairs and stools for heavier-duty users. Our Maxwell Series features a 24” wide seat with steel plate reinforcement, all-around extra heavy-duty components and a 450 lbs weight capacity combine with full ergonomic adjustments to offer peace of mind and genuine support and comfort.

Comfortable and nice-looking guest chairs for your office that blend well with our OM Seating line. Choose from upholstered, mesh back or solid surface options.

Technical & Industrial

Big & Heavy




Sit/Stand stools to assist individuals who must stand for long periods of time. They allow a person to adjust his/her positioning, relieve standing strain by leaning. These stools are useful for brief mini-breaks and allow an easy return to an upright position.

Options for small, petite and skinny people that have trouble adjusting to standard high frame chairs. Seating for this population takes in consideration special seat depth, seat height, lumbar support and armrest width to make sure the unit perfectly fits with their body frame.

The YS Series from OM Seating is our most popular seating option for office and light task applications. It's modular design allows it to be configured in different ways, adapting to each user's requirements. Standard models come a with a breathable mesh or upholstered backrest option, saddle contoured seat cushion and ergonomic adjustments for complete body support and comfort. Backed by a 12-year warranty the YS is an excellent and reliable ergonomic option for your office.

The Foundation Series by BioFit Engineered Products consist of reliable, ergonomic, and specialized seating for industrial environments. Our upholstered and hard-surface models are suited for use in cleanrooms, laboratory, and healthcare environments. Special ISO and ESD packages are available for more technical areas. Backed by a 13-year warranty these models are an excellent seating choice for your industrial work environment.

Small & Petite

Sit & Stand