The Apex by HeroWear is a back-assist exoskeleton suit that combines comfort, ease of use and accessibility for workers exposed to frequent lifting, bending, and reaching at work. Our device is non-powered, relying on elastic assistance which doesn’t need to be recharged each workday. Its design is modular and based mainly on textile pieces, allowing full range of movement and fit for workers of all sizes, both male and female. With Apex's unique design you can turn assistance on when you need it and off when you don’t.



The Chairless Chair 2.0 from Noonee is an ergonomic, portable sitting device that enables you to switch between sitting, standing, and walking, replacing disruptive chairs and/or standing supports. Most of your body weight is supported and therefore most of the pressure is taken off your knees, back, and discs. Stress caused by standing activities can be avoided. 



​Back assistance 

Exoskeletons are wearable devices that augment, enable, assist, and/or enhance physical activity. We support passive systems which are made from soft materials and are not motorized, using elastic bands, springs or other non-powered sources to provide significant assistance to the user throughout their movement for ergonomic support and to prevent repetitive stress injuries.