Keyboard Tray Systems


Foam-based antifatigue mats from Crown Matting for commercial/industrial applications that are strong, resilient and safe. PVC and vinyl top models available. These mats come in standard sizes and widths or can be custom cut to adapt to your work area. Designed to withstand the harshest environments.

Adjustable ergonomic footrests from BioFit Engineered Products can help enhance user comfort and performance. It's all-welded frame is manufactured of 16-gauge black powdered-coated steel tubing. The platform has a 10° slope and features a non-skid tread. Fast, easy and secure rack and pin height adjustment.

The ErgoRest is an articulating ergonomic support for elbows, forearms, and wrists that clamps on to your worktable. Durable support structure made of cast aluminum guarantees firm support and a smooth movement. The arm support pad is upholstered with leather for maximum comfort and durability.

Anti-Fatigue Matting


Polyurethane and Nitrile antifatigue mats from Ergomat for commercial/industrial applications are engineered to provide the optimal balance between compression and resistance. Models are certified for ISO5 and ESD applications. Available in both standard and custom sizes to match the exact dimensions of any work cell.


Adjustable keyboard trays from Workrite can improve the overall usability and functionality of your workstation. They provide maximum ergonomic benefits and greater levels of comfort when used in conjunction with fixed height desks, or with sit stand desks featuring limited ranges of adjustability.

HAT Collective sophisticated monitor arms provide ergonomics, space savings, and clever design. Here, you’ll find one-touch adjustment, effortless movement, and sure-footed stability to support a multitude of screen configurations. Reclaim your desktop with our sleek mounting systems that are easy to install

Monitor/Laptop Mounts